Tony 850x479
Anthony "Tony" Turretto
Union Made, Professional Grade
Quote Where's the Pastrami?!
Type Defense/Support
Mobility 5/10
Toughness 3/10
Complexity 5/10
Primary Weapon Rivet Gun
Secondary Weapon Caulk Gun
Tool(s) Drill
Active Skill Rush Build
Passive Skill Hard Hat
Block Lil' Buddy Turret
Block N Load - Tony

Block N Load - Tony

Just like Mamma’s cooking Anthony knows every good job is all about preparation. Tony’s your man when it comes to defending home base but he don’t mind playing out of position if his crew need him to crack heads & redefine the front line.

Hero Tip: Tony has good short range fighting power due to his Rivet Gun and is great at defending key positions with his turrets. His Caulk Gun fixes up turrets and damaged blocks and his Better, Faster, Stronger active ability speeds up building for Tony and all team-mates in the affected  area.

Skills and AbilitesEdit

Gear Description
Drill Tony's block tool, use it to gather resources and damage Cubes

(Left Mouse Button)

Dig up any block in front of you or damage Cubes and Bases.

(Right Mouse Button)

Places a Block selected from your Block Deck.
Rivet Gun Tony's enhanced nailgun is a close quarters shotgun.

(Left Mouse Button)

Fire the Rivet Gun.
Aim Down Sights

(Right Mouse Button)

Narrows the spread of the Rivet Gun for increased accuracy.
Caulk Gun Repairs blocks and slows down enemies.

(Left Mouse Button)

Fires the Caulk Gun.
Increased Fire

(Right Mouse Button)

Increases the rate of repair but also consumes more ammunition.

Skins Edit

Worker Tony Weekend Tony Spaced out Tony Santa Tony
Frame tony mexican
Frame tony astronaught

Signature Block, Passive & Active Abilities Edit

Signature Block
Block turret
These turrets called Lil' Buddies will fire in any direction beside straight above them or below them.
Passive Abillity My Little Friend Enables Tony to buff his turrets by repairing them.
Active Abillity Better, Faster, Stronger Enables Tony to ("build faster than Trump") construct any block at a quicker rate(nearby teammates receive this buff as well), also increases the Lil' Buddies rate of fire and damage until the buff ends.

Hero Progression Edit


Gameplay Unlock Visual Unlock
1 Active Ability Cooldown: 90 seconds Title: Safety First
2 Build Speed +10% Badge: Hard Hat
3 Active Ability Cooldown: 80 seconds Border: Riveted Plates
4 Active Ability Aura Duration: 13 seconds Block Skin: Acme Ammo Crate
5 Resources Mined +10% Title: Foreman
6 Active Ability Cooldown: 70 seconds Badge: NY Hot Dog
7 Active Ability Aura Duration: 15 seconds Border: Large Riveted Plates
8 Resources from Objectives +10% Block Skin: Concrete Brick
9 Active Ability Cooldown: 60 seconds Title: Ace of Base
10 Active Ability Aura Duration: 20 seconds Skin: Weekend Tony

Available Blocks Edit

Signature Block Edit

Lil' Buddy
Block turret

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Brick Force Gate Fire Trap Heal Station Ammo Station
Block concrete player
Block forcegate
Block magmamine
Block heal
Block ammo

Additional BlocksEdit

Crate Glue Bomb Large Bomb
Block planks player
Block glue
Block bomb
Block jackbomb

Progression Blocks Edit

Acme Ammo Box Concrete Brick
Block ammo engineer
Block brick engineer
Skin for Ammo Crate

Unlocked at level 4

Skin for Bricks

Unlocked at level 8

Hero Specific PerksEdit

Name Level Effect Cost
Lil Buddy Boost 1 +20% Turret Health and ability to regen

-10% Turret Damage Output

2 +25% Turret Health and ability to regen

-12% Turret Damage Output

3 +30% Turret Health and ability to regen

-15% Turret Damage Output

Super Rivet Gun 1 +1 Rivet per shot

Buildtime +5%

2 +2 Rivet per shot

Buildtime +10%

3 +3 Rivet per shot

Buildtime +15%

Worldbuilder 1 Buildcost -15%

Maxhealth -5%

2 Buildcost -17%

Maxhealth -10%

3 Buildcost -20%

Maxhealth -15%


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