The High Flying Galactic Gal
Quote I'm a 5 star double rated astro-woman
Type Mobility/Aerial Combat/Demolition
Mobility 5/10
Toughness 8/10
Complexity 6/10
Primary Weapon P.P.P.
Secondary Weapon Saucer Launcher
Tool(s) Sonic Drill
Active Skill Rocket Boost
Passive Skill Rocket Boots
Block Orbital Strike Beacon
Block N Load -Astarella

Block N Load -Astarella

Meet Astarella, she makes science fiction something else! Light years away from home, this space chick has touched down on planet Block. Equipped with gravity defying rocket boots, armed with the latest sci-fi weaponry, and dressed to impress – you won’t want to mess with this galactic gal.

Hero Tip

  • Use Astarella's Rocket Boost to increase her and nearby teammates' movement speed and jump height to rapidly charge your enemy's objective after the Barrier falls.
  • Trouble breaching your enemy's defences? Stack the saucers from her Saucer Launcher and detonate them all at once to help breach them with one mighty explosion.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Gear Description
Sonic Drill Essential for breaking up hard materials.
Dig (LMB) Digs up any blocks in front of you
Build (RMB) Places a device selected from your Block Deck
P.P.P. Will blast enemies off the block with a pulsing burst
Fire (LMB) Fires a long distance laser pulse
ADS (RMB) Aims down the sights of the gun, accuracy is improved when firing from this stance.
Saucer Launcher These UFOs stick to anything and detonate on her command
Fire (LMB) Fires the UFOs
Detonate (RMB) Remote detonate the UFOs

Skins Edit

Interstellar Astarella Cosmic Casual Electricella

Signature Block, Passive & Active AbilitiesEdit

Signature Block

Orbital Strike Beacon

Block orbital beacon

Calls forth a lazer drill from space! Boring a giant hole through everything in its path.

Passive Ability Rocket Boots Astarella can double jump by pressing jump again, or can land quickly by pressing crouch mid-air.
Active Ability Rocket Boost Briefly gives Astarella and nearby teammates increased movement speed and jump height.

Hero Progression Edit


Gameplay Unlock Visual Unlock
1 Active Ability Cooldown: 90 seconds Title: Pew Pew Pew
2 Gold Bonus: 200G Badge: Astro Rocket
3 Active Ability Cooldown: 80 seconds Border: P.P.P.
4 Active Ability also removes negative effects Block Skin unlock
5 Gold Bonus: 200G Title: Space Cadet
6 Active Ability Cooldown: 70 seconds Badge: Bubble Helmet
7 Active Ability also provides immunity to damage from falling Border: Technobubble
8 Gold Bonus: 200G Block Skin unlock
9 Active Ability Cooldown: 60 seconds Title: FAB
10 Active Ability Charges 2 & Gold Bonus: 1,000G Skin unlock

Available Blocks Edit

Signature Block Edit

Orbital Strike Beacon
Block orbital beacon

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Bear Trap Fake Block Sandbag Bounce Pad Speed Pad
Block beartrap
Block false
Block dirt player
Block bounce
Block movement

Additional BlocksEdit

Crate Brick Glue Caltrops Bomb Large Bomb
Block planks player
Block concrete player
Block glue
Block caltrops
Block bomb
Block jackbomb

Hero Specific PerksEdit

Name Level Effect Cost
Fly Away Bad Guy 1 Saucer Launcher knockback is 30% more powerfull

Saucer Launcher -5% ammo

2 Saucer Launcher knockback is 40% more powerfull

Saucer Launcher -10% ammo

3 Saucer Launcher knockback is 50% more powerfull

Saucer Launcher -15% ammo

Go Go Go! 1 Movement Speed +10%

Health -5%

2 Movement Speed +12%

Health -10%

3 Movement Speed +15%

Health -15%

Multi Tasker 1 Orbital Strike Beacon escalating -25%

Buildcost +5%

2 Orbital Strike Beacon escalating -35%

Buildcost +10%

3 Orbital Strike Beacon escalating -50%

Buildcost +15%


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