Block N Load
What the Block You 'Gonna Do?
Developer(s) Jagex & ArtPlant
Platform(s) PC/Steam
Release date(s) April 30th 2015
Genre(s) FPS

What The Block You Gonna Do?

Build. Destroy. Attack. Defend. Tunnel. Trap. Catapult. Poison. Slice. Detonate. Sabotage. Win. Face off in an FPS battle where everything you do has devastating impact. Five of you, five of them, pick a hero, ready up! No game’s the same - it’s time to Block N Load.


Block N Load is a 5v5 that takes a bit from Minecraft, a little of Team Fortress and mashes it together for a battle of destruction. Face off in a tactical battle where everything you build can be destroyed. Start the game by gathering your team and fortifying your fortress using a vast array of devices, blocks and other materials. Build up your defenses, then head for the opposing team and destroy theirs. Create tunnels or catapult over walls.