Boost Drop 4
This drop packs a punch!
Type Supply Drop

BlockBuster Edit

The BlockBuster is a drop in Block N Load, appearing every 15 minutes. Used correctly it is a game changer, the BlockBuster is something to FEAR.

Before it Drops Edit

Pre-15 minutes Edit

Dropping once every fifteen minutes you will get an audio and visual cue for when the BlockBuster is about to come into play, keep an eye out for the timer that appears on your HUD.

Boost Drop

When it Drops Edit

Upon hitting reaching 0 the BlockBuster descends from the Sky quickly hitting the middle of the map, from there on it's fair game. The BlockBuster is surrounded with a protective shield, damage it with a Block Tool to break the shield and gain access to it.

Boost Drop 1

Picking up the BlockBuster Edit

When picking up the BlockBuster you're granted a damage reduction shield and world damage boost for 120 seconds or until you die.

Boost Drop 2

The table below lists the details on each "type" of Blockbuster and the benefits provided with each one.

BlockBuster TypesEdit



BlockBuster Lite Dropping in the first 15 minutes, the BlockBuster Lite provides a small Shield and World Damage Boost
BlockBuster Classic Dropping 25 minutes into the match, the BlockBuster Classic provides a medium Shield and World Damage Boost
BlockBuster Extreme Dropping at 35 minutes and every 5 minutes thereafter into the match the BlockBuster Extreme provides a high Shield and World Damage Boost

Preparing for the BlockBuster Edit

  • Have your team prepared and if needed build a bridge to capture the BlockBuster, it will ALWAYS spawn in the middle of an Arena
  • Stay alive and plan your attack
  • Even if the enemy get to it first they still have to destroy the shield, while they're pre-occupied catch them off guard.

Attacking with the BlockBuster Edit

  • With the additional benefits granted with the Boost use it as a chance to push forward massively.
  • Stay alive and try to spread the time wisely, it only has a 120 second duration so time your run.

Defending against the BlockBuster Edit

  • The enemy will hit hard, and fast. Be prepared to deal with it accordingly.
  • Pick off any enemies you can, the shield granted to them is tough to deal with.