Weapon Role: This weapon is mostly used on the longer ranges for Cogwheel. It can do a lot of damage when you directly hit the enemy but will also do splash damage if you hit near them. The cannon also has a short range attack where the cannonball explodes nearby Cogwheel without damaging himself. Though the explosive damage can also hurt yourself if it explodes to close to you.

Weapon Tips:

  • The cannon can deal damage to blocks and can be used to take down walls. Though the damage isn't very high and it'll take a few hits before the wall starts to fall.
  • Try to get direct hits as this will increase the damage you do a lot.
  • Try out the cannon in a custom match or the tutorial to get to know it's maximum range and to learn the drop of the cannonballs.

Cannon Edit

The cannon is Cogwheel's main long range weapon and can hurt your enemies a lot when used corectly. Like the rotary cannon you dont really have to reload the cannon though there is a delay between the shots. This means you can't fire the cannonballs as fast as you can click but you have to wait till you can shoot it again.

Offense Edit

The cannon is a good addition for attacking as it can be used to get rid of or finding traps pretty fast. A cannonball close to a (fire) mine will make the trap explode and a second cannonball can get rid of the fire from the fire mine. By shooting the ground in areas where you expect fake block traps to be. The cannonball will take out these fake blocks in one hit which will reveal the trap. Beside of this you can put pressure on enemy defenders who are shooting at your base from a wall easier as you dont need to hit them directly.

Defense Edit

The cannon shouldn't be used on defence to much as you could be taking out your own defenses with it which is not what you want to do. So only use it if you are sure that there are no traps around and you can't use the rotary cannon to hit your opponents. This could be when your opponent is attacking from above on a mountain or a sky bridge for example. The cannon can also be used to take out a sky bridge but it might take a lot of hits depending on the block that is used to make the sky bridge.