Weapon Role: Spreading gas which hurts enemies over time. It can be either thrown away or dropped on the ground. Gas doesn't hurt your team.

Weapon Tips:

  • Chem grenades are amazing against enemies who are digging underground as they can't get out of the gas very fast.
  • Drop some chem grenades during fights to get more damage on your enemies.
  • Drop gas when you are hitting the enemy's base to hurt defenders while you hit the cube.

Chem Grenade Edit

The chem grenade can be thrown away with the left mouse button. This will show a power bar which means that you can throw it further away based on how filled the bar is. The bar doesn't go down so you will throw it at full force once it's full. It is also possible to drop the grenade on your position by using the right mouse button. After a set amount of time the grenade will burst which releases the gas in a set area. This gas also goes through blocks which makes it effective against players who hide in a base or are digging underground.

Offense Edit

The chem grenade is very useful on offence. When you first get to a base the enemies might hide inside it which would normally leave you helpless but with the gas grenade you can hit them inside it because the gas goes through the blocks. If you see an enemy coming towards you you can drop a chem grenade and get some damage while you shoot with the globe gun as well. Beside of this it is also very useful when you are hitting the enemy's cube as you can drop the chem grenade and damage the defenders while you hit the cube.

Defense Edit

The chem grenades are useful on defense as well as you can throw them towards your cube whenever it gets attacked. This means that if they want to hit the cube with their digging tools they will get hurt from your gas. Because of this it's good to take down enemies digging in because of their reduced speed. As soon as you see enemies coming in to attack your base you can drop some chem grenades to hurt them as fast as possible. This will reduce the damage they will do to either your defensive structures or your cube.