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Coal Powered Champion ★ BRAWN ★ FRONTLINE TANK ★ ARTILLERY SUPPORT ★ ★ Brawn Cogwheel
The tin man with a whole lotta heart. A heavy metal king. Cogwheel's a pure assault role, he'll roll on your crew. Once he gets that barrel spinnin' the rotary cannon brings the pain, his arm’s got a cannon and his sprocket placements are truly ground-breaking. Health: 200
Mobility Toughness Complexity
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ ★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Primary Weapon:
Rotary Cannon
Automatic-fire heavy machine gun with initial fire delay. Primary Fire is more accurate but lower fire rate than Alternate Fire. Rotarycannon.png
Secondary Weapon:
Primary Fire acts as a ballistic explosive projectile launcher. Alternate Fire serves as a safer, point-blank range alternative. Cannon.png
Gear Grinder
Gear grinder.png
Active Ability:
Sprocket Volley
Deploys a targeting marker for Mortars to fire at the location. Sprocketvalley.png
Passive Ability:
Heavy Metal
Pickups from dead heroes provide more health and refill some ammo. Heavy metal.png
Hero Block:
Remotely-activated launchers fire when Sprocket Volley is used.


Escalating Cost.
∀  Default
₱  Premium
∆  Event
∀ Toy Cog
∀ Toy Cog
₱ Golden Cog
₱ Golden Cog
₱ Cap'n Cog
₱ Cap'n Cog
₱ Cambot
₱ Cambot
₱ Mechanical Mummy
₱ Mechanical Mummy
₱ Soldered Cog
₱ Soldered Cog
∆ Dwarven Cogwheel
∆ Dwarven Cogwheel


Cogwheel Level Progression Rewards
Level Gold Barstitle=Gold Bars Title Badge Block Skin Border
1 100 Gearhead
2 100 Turning Gears Progress cogwheel item1.png
3 Grinding Gears
Progress cogwheel border1 straight.png
Progress cogwheel border1 corner.png
Progress cogwheel border1 side.png
4 100
5 100 Steampowered
6 Trophy Progress cogwheel item2.png
7 Gears XX
Progress cogwheel border2 straight.png
Progress cogwheel border2 corner.png
Progress cogwheel border2 side.png
8 200
9 Bombastic
10 1000 Striped Bricks Progress cogwheel item prog10.png Striped Bricks Block brick cogwheel.png
20 500
30 500
40 500
50 500 Full Steam Ahead Bolt Radar Progress cogwheel item prog50.png Bolt Radar Block radar engineer.png
60 500
70 500
80 500
90 500
100 500 Clockwork King Cogwheel Progress cogwheel item prog100.png
200 Block Skin Wiki.png