Cogwheel 850x479
Coal Powered Champion
Quote Suck my sensor
Type Brawn
Mobility 3/10
Toughness 10/10
Complexity 5/10
Primary Weapon Rotary Cannon
Secondary Weapon Cannon
Tool(s) Gear Grinder
Active Skill Mortar Volley
Passive Skill Heavy Metal
Block Mortar

The tin man wit’ whole lotta heart. A heavy metal king. Cogwheel’s a pure assault role, he’ll roll on your crew. Once he gets that barrel spinnin' the mini-gun brings the pain, his arm’s got a mortar and his artillery placements are truly ground-breaking.

Hero Tip

  • Cogwheel has a lot of health but is slow.
  • His Rotary Cannon has a very stable cone of fire on the left click, has no reloads but has a spin-up period.
  • Cannon right click is faster, but unstable.
  • You can pressure your enemies while playing Cogwheel with the Rotary Cannon and moving towards them.
    Block N Load - Cogwheel

    Block N Load - Cogwheel

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Gear Description
Gear Grinder The gear grinder digs through blocks without any troubles.

(Left Mouse Button)

Dig up any block in front of you.

(Right Mouse Button)

Places a device selected from your Block Deck.
Rotary Cannon Despite being made of tin Cogwheel can really spit a lot of lead.

(Left Mouse Button)

Standard firing mode which fires an accurate bullet barrage.

(Right Mouse Button)

Spit out more bullets but with decreased accuracy.
Cannon Nothing says I love you like a good ol' cannonball to the head!!!

(Left Mouse Button)

Fires a long distance cannonball which explodes at max range or on impact.
Short Range

(Right Mouse Button)

Fires a cannonball which explodes close to Cogwheel.

Skins Edit

Toy Cog Golden Cog Cap'n Cog
Frame cogwheel gold
Frame cogwheel pirate

Signature Block, Passive & Active Abilities Edit

Signature Block Mortar
Block artillery-0
This block is used to use Coghweel's active abillity
Passive Ability Heavy Metal Hero loot pickups also restore extra health and restock some ammo.


Mortar Volley Shoots mortar(s) at the target which Cogwheel has placed.

Hero Progression Edit

Level Gameplay Unlock Visual Unlock

Active Abillity Cooldown: 90 seconds

Title: Gearhead

200 Blocks

Badge: Turning Gears

Active Abillity Cooldown: 80 seconds

Border: Grinding Gears

Mortar Volley Marker throw distance upgrade I


200 Blocks

Title: Steampowered


Active Abillity Cooldown: 70 seconds

Badge: Trophy


Mortar Volley Marker throw distance upgrade II

Border: Gears XX

200 Blocks


Active Abillity Cooldown: 60 seconds

Title: Bombastic


Mortar Volley Marker throw distance upgrade III and 1000 Blocks -

Available Blocks Edit

Signature BlockEdit

Penis Licker
Block artillery-0

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Glue Sandbag Land Mine Respawn Pad Radar
Block glue
Block sandbag
Block landmine
Block respawn
Block radar

Additional BlocksEdit

Crate Bomb Large Bomb Brick
Block planks player
Block bomb
Block jackbomb
Block concrete player

Progression BlocksEdit

Brass Radar Golden Gear Land Mine
Block radar cogwheel
Block landmine cogwheel
Skin for Radar

Unlocked at level 4

Skin for Land Mine

Unlocked at level 8

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