Eliza 850x479
'Doc' Eliza Doolally
Quote Time to mix it up!
Type Offensive/AOE
Mobility 7/10
Toughness 3/10
Complexity 5/10
Primary Weapon Globe Gun
Secondary Weapon Chem Grenade
Tool(s) Acid Washer
Active Skill Miracle Cure
Passive Skill Last Laugh
Block Miasma Mine
Block N Load - Doc Eliza

Block N Load - Doc Eliza

Eliza studied toxicology, however her real breakthroughs came after-hours specialising in the weaponisation of household cleaning products. All those vapours got to her brain and now she’s a PhD in AoE. She don’t play fair, she plays chemical warfare. - Doc Eliza's Biography

Team Role: Healing and area denial.  Decent vs turrets and blocks as well.

Hero Tips:

  • Doc Eliza’s Globe Launcher is very powerful if aimed carefully and the Alt-Fire is good for lobbing acid bubbles over nearby walls.
  • Her gas grenades and gas trap can offer strong AoE deny for the enemy team.
  • Eliza's Miracle Cure is a vital skill to master, use it to heal team mates to change the tide of a fight

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Gear Description
Acid Washer Effortlessly melts away pesky blocks and harvests their materials
Dig (LMB) Digs up any blocks in front of you
Build (RMB) Places a device selected from your Block Deck
Globe Gun Fires globes of acidic poison in an arc that fills an area where it lands.
Fire (LMB) Fires a long distance globe
Short Range (RMB) Fires a short ranged projectile dealing big damage if it hits an enemy.
Chem Grenade A grenade that can be thrown or dropped, the grenade does no upfront or block damage, instead it causes a poison cloud to linger in the area.
Throw (LMB) Hold Fire to increase the throwing range
Drop (RMB) Drops the Grenade in front of Eliza

Skins (need to add halloween skin) Edit

Lab-Coat Eliza Nurse Doolally Hazmat Eliza
Frame eliza nurse
Frame eliza chem-suit

Signature Block, Passive & Active AbilitiesEdit

Signature Block

Miasma Mine

Block acidtrap

When triggered it deploys a Gas Cloud, this Gas Cloud deals damage over time

Passive Ability Last Laugh Eliza leaves a cloud of gas dealing damage over time on death.
Active Ability Miracle Cure Area of Effect instant heal which heals Eliza and team mates around her.

Hero ProgressionEdit

Level Gameplay Unlock Visual Unlock

Miracle Cure Cooldown - 90 seconds

Title: Nerd


Reload Speed +10%

Badge: Glasses


Miracle Cure Cooldown - 80 seconds

Border: DNA


Miracle Cure Radius - 5 Units

Block Skin: Eliza Heal Block


Build Speed +10%

Title: Unstable


Miracle Cure Cooldown - 70 seconds

Badge: Chem Grenades


Miracle Cure purges debuffs

Border: Cells


Resources from Supply Drops +10%

Block Skin: Force Gate (Bubbles)


Miracle Cure Cooldown - 60 seconds

Title: PHD of AoE


Three grenades can now be thrown

Skin: Dark Nurse

Available Blocks Edit

Signature Block Edit

Miasma Mine
Block acidtrap

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Large Bomb Glue Heal Station Brick Ammo Station
Block jackbomb
Block glue
Block heal
Block concrete player
Block ammo

Additional BlocksEdit

Fire Trap Bomb Crate Force Gate
Block magmamine
Block bomb
Block planks player
Block forcegate

Progression BlocksEdit

Eliza's Heal Station Bubble Force Gate
Block heal eliza
Block shieldgate eliza
Skin for Heal Station

Unlocked at level 4

Skin for Force Gate

Unlocked at level 8

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