A wide range of blocks and devices mean your deadly, devious constructions cause havoc with the enemy and map. At the beginning of the game, the teams are divided by a glowing barrier for a specific amount of time. During this time, your goal is to use assests and build your fortress as quickly as possible but still protect your centralized power generator, setting traps and barriers to slow down the opposition. Each hero has specific abilites for offense, defense and building. 


Break down walls and take out their hardware. Bring the sabotage. We got more than firepower, we got explosives. If you are not defending, your primary concern should be the destruction of the opponents power generator, destroying anything in your path that hinders progress. 


Charge into action, go under, go over, go around. Put the enemy down, destroy their defenses and take their base.

While destroying opponents generator is what wins the game, there is nothing wrong with a big of death and destruction along the way. Take out your opponents to slow them down. 


Get busy, experiment, and work on your base defenses, traps and set-ups before the fierce team attacks truly begin. Defend your generator and your base (what's left of it anyway) to in an attempt to prevent the opposing team from winning. While you were sending off missiles at the opposing team, that sneaky ninja just tunneled his way into your generator room, again. 

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