J-POP Assassin
Type Utility/Slayer
Mobility 5/10
Toughness 6/10
Complexity 6/10
Primary Weapon Hidari & Migi
Secondary Weapon Kitty Launcher
Active Skill J-Pop Star
Passive Skill Thrill Kill
Block Popstar Portal
Block N Load -Kira-chan

Block N Load -Kira-chan

Microphones and missile kitties – this popstar throws down destruction just like her lyrics… with flair. She doen’t care how you look, because she knows she is the hottest thing in town, but mess up her style, or her plans, and she’ll rain brightly coloured death upon you.

Hero Tip Kira-Chan can be so awesome she actually rips the fabric of space and time into a portal that her and her fans can pour through and surprise the enemy. When she is not feeling the thrill of the kill, she's rocking out with twin submachine guns and the ability to ignore ammo count until her jam is over.

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