Block N Load Wiki

Twitch is a website used for livestreaming. It is a big part of the community, with both the official Block N Load livestreams and player made livestreams.

Official Livestreams

The official Block N Load channel follows a specific schedule.

Every Monday a theme-oriented livestream is hosted, in which the hosts interact with the community by playing Block N Load. In these games, the hosts usually make up rules which the players have to follow, to create a sort of minigame.

Every Thursday a competitive livestream is hosted, in which the viewers play straight up 5 vs. 5 custom games. During these games the Block N Load community team provides live commentary.

The official streams normally can be found on both Twitch and Hitbox.

Unofficial Livestreams

Livestreaming is one of the preferred methods of generating content of many players. Here is a small list of players that livestream on Twitch.

Streamer Description
Joshmesh A high level British player that streams high level games. Watching these streams can teach you how to play the game efficiently.
Bilko A French player with (as of today, September 8th 2015) the highest amount of matches played in the game. He is always up for playing a game with his viewers.
FoolishPanda An American player who loves to help out new players, and is always up for a challenge.
TrueFirstBorn A Norwegian player who returned to BnL after a break after Beta. He streams BnL regularly and loves to interact with his chat.