Longshot 850x479
Sir Nigel Purdey-Longshott
Big Game Hunter
Quote Toodle pip!
Type Marksman/Trapper
Mobility 5/10
Toughness 3/10
Complexity 5/10
Primary Weapon Nellie (rifle)
Secondary Weapon Revolver
Tool(s) Machete
Active Skill Spot Prey
Passive Skill Bounty
Block Tiki Head
Block N Load - Nigel Purdey-Longshott

Block N Load - Nigel Purdey-Longshott

From a forgotten corner of the old empire comes a gent who got lost up-stream and went seriously native! Nigel used to hunt big game but now he’s hunting you in the DEADLY game! A skilled marksman and trapper who can also get savage with a machete at close-quarters. Whether it’s bushcraft or witchcraft we don’t know, but Nigel has surprises for the unprepared.

Team Role: Ranged combat, recon.

Hero Tip: Nigel can spot enemies and then expose them on his team's minimap by shooting them. His revolver is a decent mid-range weapon and the rifle is great at long range when aiming through the scope. He can also take down enemy devices from the safety of long range.His Ablities are exellent for supporting his team in mid to long range situations so use them has much has much you can

Skills and Abilities Gear Edit

Machete Nigel's trusty machete, use it to gather blocks!

(Left Mouse Button)

Dig up any block in front of you.

(Right Mouse Button)

Places a device selected from your Block Deck.
Nellie The long range brutalizer, Nigel's Nellie if used correctly can absolutely cause havoc.

(Left Mouse Button)

Fires Nellie
Aim down sights

(Right Mouse Button)

Aims down the rifle, providing a clearer vision for Nigel.
Revolver Revolver! Up close this thing holds it's own, use it wisely.

(Left Mouse Button)

Shoots a single round.
Aim down sights

(Right Mouse Button)

Provides more vision for Nigel's revolver, allowing him to place his shots

Skins Edit

Explorer Nigel Nearly Naked Nigel Old School Nigel
Frame longshot jungle

Signature Block, Passive & Active AbilitiesEdit

Signature Block
Block tiki
The Tiki Head, firing debilitating darts which disorient your enemy and inflict poison damage.
Passive Ability Bounty On each kill extra resources are granted to Nigel and the team.


Spot Prey Expose enemies in a wide radius on team minimap.

Hero Progression Edit

Level Gameplay Unlock Visual Unlock
1 Active Ability Cooldown: 26 seconds

Title: Spotter

2 Reload Speed +10%

Badge: Binoculars

3 Active Abillity Cooldown: 24 seconds

Border: Ancestral Baroque

4 Active Ability max charges: 2

Block Skin: Baroque Bounce Pad


Ammo Pool +10%

Title: Man of Style


Active Abillity Cooldown: 22 seconds

Badge: Mustache Cream


Active Ability max charges: 3

Border: Baroque Style Gold

8 Weapon Swap Speed +10%

Block Skin: Barrel O'TnT

9 Active Abillity Cooldown: 20 seconds

Title: Hero Hunter


Active Ability max charges: 4 Hero Skin: Nearly Naked Nigel

Available Blocks Edit

Signature Block Edit

Tiki Head
Block tiki

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Bear Trap Fake Block Brick Bounce Pad Speed Pad
Block beartrap
Block false
Block concrete player
Block bounce
Block movement

Additional BlocksEdit

Crate Glue Caltrops Bomb Large Bomb
Block planks player
Block glue
Block caltrops
Block bomb
Block jackbomb

Progression BlocksEdit

Baroque Bounce Pad Barrel O'TnT
Block bounce hunter
Block jackbomb hunter
Skin for Bounce Pad

Unlocked at level 4

Skin for Large Bomb

Unlocked at level 8

Hero Specific PerksEdit

Name Level Effect Cost
For The Empire 1 +50% Bricks from bounty

+5% Buildcost

2 +75% Bricks from bounty

+10% Buildcost

3 +100% Bricks from bounty

+15% Buildcost

Hight Caliber Rounds 1 Rifle Damage +10%

Rifle Ammopool -4

2 Rifle Damage +12%

Rifle Ammopool -5

3 Rifle Damage +15%

Rifle Ammopool -6

Tiki Terror 1 Tiki range +30%

Tiki buildcost +15%

2 Tiki range +40%

Tiki buildcost +17%

3 Tiki range +50%

Tiki buildcost +20%



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