Block N Load - O.P

Block N Load - O.P. Juan Shinobi

O.P. Juan Shinobi
Juan’s a master of motion, light on his feet with unique climbing & supernatural teleportation skills: he’ll come out of nowhere! His katana can kill the entire bill if he gets close enough. O.P. may be the no-gun assassin but those ninja stars aren’t toys, watch out now!
Quote I am not Genji.
Type Scout, Spy, Mobility
Mobility 9/10
Toughness 6/10
Primary Weapon Katana
Secondary Weapon Shurikens
Tool(s) Shuko
Active Skill Vanish
Passive Skill Wall Climbing
Block Ninja Shrine

Bio Edit

Juan is a ninja warrior, he has a sword, capable of applying bleed, which does a damage over time. He has shurikens, and has an amazing dps. He is considered Overpowered and OP By many, and even in his name is "O.P." I guess he's meant to be this way.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Gear Description
Shuriken Shuriken

24 ammunition

Skins Edit

O.P. Robes 1980 Juan 2080 Juan Fixie Juan
OP 1980 Juan1
Frame OP Biker
Frame OP 20803


The Ninja Shrine when placed allows O.P. to teleport back to it at anytime.
Cutting edge Wall Climbing Demonstrating his Ninja abilities, O.P. can scale up walls
Salute Vanish Upon using this active he will teleport to the ninja shrine and destroy the block in the progress. OP also leaves behind a bomb which will explode 2 seconds later.

Voice lines Edit

A Steady Blade
  • Come On!
  • Damn! (said in Japanese: 糞 Kuso)
  • Prepare yourself! (said in Japanese: 覚悟、Kakugo)
  • Let's Fight! (said in Japanese: いざ、尋常に勝負 Iza, jinjou ni shoubu)
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once
  • My Soul Seeks Balance (said in Japanese: 我が魂は均衡を求める waga tamashii wa kinkou wo motomeru)
  • Not Good Enough (said in Japanese: まだまだ mada mada)
  • Simple

Available Blocks Edit

Signature BlockEdit

Ninja Shrine

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Caltrops Fake Block Bomb Bounce Pad Speed Pad
Block caltrops
Block false
Block bomb
Block bounce
Block movement

Additional BlocksEdit

Crate Glue Block Bear Trap Brick Large Bomb
Block planks player
Block glue
Block beartrap
Block concrete player
Block jackbomb

Progression BlocksEdit

Shoji Speed Pad Bamboo Crate
Block movement ninja
Block planks ninja
Skin for Speed Pad

Unlocked at level 4

Skin for Crate

Unlocked at level 8


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