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TeamSpeak is software designed for voice communication. It allows multiple people to communicate with eachother via microphones, over a connection. The newest major version of TeamSpeak is TeamSpeak 3.

TeamSpeak, as the name suggests, is usually used for teams to communicate with eachother. Many Block N Load teams use TeamSpeak. There are also several public community servers that anyone can join.

Here is a small list of the public Block N Load community servers.

Address Description A public TeamSpeak 3 server on which anyone is welcome. People can easily create their own channels, and edit them when needed. For more information click here to go to the steam forum post. A TeamSpeak 3 server that is owned by Mad Medic. The owner is not an active Block N Load player anymore, but people still go on there to play. It has been the TeamSpeak server for the teams LP and μT.

Beware of untrusted TeamSpeak servers. The owners of the servers are able to see your IP address, which can be used for malicious purposes like DDoS attacks.

Click here to download the TeamSpeak 3 client.

In addition to TeamSpeak, Discord servers are available for use. You may need to contact the channel owners to request continued access, either in-game or through Steam, when you first join these servers, as they are intended for active players in these areas.

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