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The Non-Thinking Man's Killing Machine ★ WEAPONS EXPERT ★ DEMOLITION ★ ★ Brawn Sergeant "Sarge" Stone
He ain't the brightest but he sure is the toughest. Sarge adds insults to injuries but don’t let him get to ya'. Not just a state-sponsored, brain-washed killing machine, he can set up spawn points too! Tactical assault and demolition specialist. Health: 150
Mobility Toughness Complexity
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ ★★★★★★★★★☆ ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
Primary Weapon:
Light Machine Gun. Aim with Alternate Fire for greater accuracy. M60 GPMG.png
Secondary Weapon:
Rocket Launcher
Effective against both Heroes and terrain, but has a limited ammo capacity. Aim with Alternate Fire for greater accuracy. Rocket Launcher.png
Trench Tool
Trench tool.png
Active Ability:
Frag Grenade
Toss up to three grenades toward your target before waiting to recharge. Frag Grenade.png
Passive Ability:
True Grit
When health is low, slowly regenerate health up to a percentage of maximum health. True grit.png
Hero Block:
Satchel Charge / C4
Quickly place focused explosives to destroy structures. Similar to Dynamite, but with a lower time to place and countdown timer. Satchel charge.png
∀  Default
₱  Premium
∆  Event
∀ 'Sarge' Stone
∀ 'Sarge' Stone
₱ Private Stone
₱ Private Stone
₱ Al Castone
₱ Al Castone
₱ Camo Sarge
₱ Camo Sarge
₱ Blok Ops Sarge
₱ Blok Ops Sarge
∆ General Stone
∆ General Stone


Sergeant "Sarge" Stone Level Progression Rewards
Level Gold Barstitle=Gold Bars Title Badge Block Skin Border
1 100 Lead Storm
2 100 Ammo Box Progress sarge item1.png
3 Bandolier
Progress sarge border1 straight.png
Progress sarge border1 corner.png
Progress sarge border1 side.png
4 100
5 100 Patriot
6 Medal Progress sarge item2.png
7 Stars & Stripes
Progress sarge border2 straight.png
Progress sarge border2 corner.png
Progress sarge border2 side.png
8 200
9 One Man Army
10 1000 Camo Sandbag Progress sarge item prog10.png Camo Sandbag Camo Sandbag.png
20 500
30 500
40 500
50 500 In the Army Now Beacon Respawn Pad Progress sarge item prog50.png Beacon Respawn Pad Beacon Respawn Pad.png
60 500
70 500
80 500
90 500
100 500 Master Sergeant Sarge Stone Progress sarge item prog100.png
200 Block Skin Wiki.png