Gordon Ramsay
Master of the filet
Quote Where's the pork sauce?!
Type Chef
Mobility 5/10
Toughness Frickin raw!
Complexity 3/10
Primary Weapon M60 OMG
Secondary Weapon Rocket Launcher
Tool(s) Trench Tool
Active Skill Frag Grenade
Passive Skill True Grit
Block C4
Block N Load -Sgt

Block N Load -Sgt. Stone

"He ain’t the brightest but he sure is the toughest. Sarge adds insults to injuries but don’t let him get to ya’. Not just a state-sponsored, brain-washed killing machine, he can set up spawn points too!" - Sarge Stone's Biography.

Team Role - Hard hitting offensive that's good for digging, as well as assaulting dug in enemies.

Hero Tips:

  • His grenades are great against fortified positions.
  • Sarge has C4, a cheaper version of the bomb with a faster deploy timer and focused blast.
  • Sarge is good at jousting (sprint / shoot / sprint) and charging defenses

Weapons Edit

Gear Description
Trench Tool Often referred to by Sarge as his "Trench Shovel", this is your standard building tool, allowing you to place or destroy blocks
Dig (LMB) Digs up any blocks in front of you
Build (RMB) Places a device or block selected from your Block Deck
M60 OMG The standard issue side arm for any respectable soldier. Has a large clip, but reloads slowly
Fire (LMB) Fires the Machine Gun from the hip, accuracy is sporadic. Best at medium range.
ADS (RMB) Aims down the sights of the gun, accuracy is improved when firing from this stance.
Rocket Launcher Bringing eight rockets to the battle, he can take out enemy battlements with devastating effect. Slow and singular reload.
Fire (LMB) Fires a rocket where you aim, dealing large amounts of damage to heros and blocks where it hits.

Aims down the sights, increasng the accuracy of the Rocket Launcher.

Skins Edit

'Sarge' Stone Private Stone Al Castone
Frame Private Stone1
block ops sarge
Frame Sarge mafia

Hero Block, Passive & Active AbilitiesEdit

Hero Block


Block largebomb
Quickly deployable bomb with a focused blast.
Passive Ability True Grit Regenerates health when low on hit points
Active Ability Frag Grenade Throws a frag grenade forwards, exploding after a few seconds. Sarge can hold more at one time based on his level, capping at 3.

Hero ProgressionEdit

Level Gameplay Unlock Visual Unlock
1 Grenade Cooldown - 26 seconds

Title: Lead Storm

2 Magazine Size +10%

Badge: Ammo Box

3 Grenade Cooldown - 24 seconds

Border: Bandolier

4 Two grenades can now be thrown

Block Skin: Sandbag Camo

5 Ammo Pool +10%

Title: Patriot

6 Grenade Cooldown - 22 seconds

Badge: War Hero Medal

7 Grenade throw speed upgrade

Border: Stars & Stripes

8 Weapon Swap Speed +10%

Block Skin: Respawn Beacon

9 Grenade Cooldown - 15 seconds

Title: One Man Army

10 Three grenades can now be thrown

Hero Skin: WW2 Sarge

Available Blocks Edit

Block largebomb

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Crate Sandbag Respawn Pad Land Mine Radar
Block planks player
Block dirt player
Block respawn
Block landmine
Block radar

Additional BlocksEdit

Glue Brick Bomb Large Bomb
Block glue
Block concrete player
Block bomb
Block jackbomb

Progression BlocksEdit

Camo Sandbag Beacon Respawn Pad
Block sandbag seargent
Block respawn sarge
Skin for Sandbag

Unlocked at level 4

Skin for Respawn Pad

Unlocked at level 8

Hero Specific PerksEdit

Name Level Effect Cost
Behind Enemy Lines 1 Movement speed +10%

Maxhealth -10%

2 Movement speed +12%

Maxhealth -12%

3 Movement speed +15%

Maxhealth -15%

C4 You Know It 1 C4 Timer -15%

C4 Cost +10%

2 C4 Timer -25%

C4 Cost +15%

3 C4 Timer -30%

C4 Cost +20%

Just a Scratch 1 True Grit regenerates to 45%

Heal effects from other sources -15%

2 True Grit regenerates to 50%

Heal effects from other sources -20%

3 True Grit regenerates to 55%

Heal effects from other sources -25%


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