Icon Name Type Description Hero
Eliza miracle cure
Miracle Cure Active Instant, emergency heal over time that effects Eliza and surrounding allies. 'Doc" Eliza Doolally
Eliza last laugh
Last Laugh Passive Eliza leaves behind a damaging gas cloud on death. 'Doc" Eliza Doolally
Sarge frag grenade
Frag Grenade Active Throws a frag grenade. Fire in the hole! Sarge Stone
Sarge true grit1
True Grit Passive When falling low on health Sarge shows his toughness, regenerating some health. Regeneration is capped. Sarge Stone
Juan vanish1
Vanish Active Teleports to the closest shrine, leaving behind an explosive ninja bomb,  and also regaining health and ammo. O.P. Juan Shinobi
Juan wall climbing2
Wall Climbing Passive Gravity is for losers! Run on walls while sprinting. O.P. Juan Shinobi
Longshott spot prey
Spot Prey Active Expose enemies where your cursor is pointing in a wide radius.  Nigel Purdey-Longshott
Passive-longshot-bully2 Bounty Passive On kill, Nigel and his team gain extra resources for 5 seconds. Nigel Purdey-Longshott
Tony better faster stronger
Better, Faster, Stronger Active Buffs Tony's and surrounding allies' build speed. Anthony 'Tony' Turretto
Tony my little friend
My Little Friend Passive Heals nailgun turret, buffing its damage while you do so. Anthony 'Tony' Turretto
Cogwheel sprocket volley
Mortar Strike Active All nearby clockwork cannons shoot at the aimed target location. Ability has a maximum range. Cogwheel
Cogwheel heavy metal
Living Furnace Passive On hero loot pickup Cogwheel gains an additional health and ammo boost. Cogwheel