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King of the Dirty Fight ★ MELEE ASSAULT ★ DISRUPTION ★ ★ Brawn Sweet Science
In the green corner, it’s Sweet Science! King of the dirty fight, Science has a trick or two for getting up close and personal. Equipped with gravity traps, packing devastating punches and able to disable enemy defenses and heal himself, opponents will need to take Sweet Science seriously or face the consequences! Melee Fighter. Health: 150
Mobility Toughness Complexity
★★★★★★★★☆☆ ★★★★★★★★☆☆ ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Primary Weapon:
Blitz Stance
Fast attack speed, lower damage. Alternate Fire provides a short-range dash attack. Blitzstance.png
Secondary Weapon:
Graviton Stance
Slower attack speed, higher damage. Alternate Fire pulls targeted heroes toward the player. Gravitonstance.png
Hammer Fists
Active Ability:
Power Surge
Temporarily disables nearby enemy devices and provides a small health restoration. Powersurge.png
Passive Ability:
Kinetic Shield
Sprinting provides a damage reduction shield, and when Sweet Science takes damage he regenerates ammo. Kineticshield.png
Hero Block:
Gravity Well
Similar to a standard landmine, but also pulls in nearby enemy heroes when activated, making escape more difficult. Escalating Cost. Gravitywell.png
∀  Default
₱  Premium
∆  Event
∀ Sweet Science
∀ Sweet Science
₱ Not so Sweet Science
₱ Not so Sweet Science
₱ Tribal Science
₱ Tribal Science
∆ Salty Sweet
∆ Salty Sweet


Sweet Science Level Progression Rewards
Level Gold Barstitle=Gold Bars Title Badge Block Skin Border
1 100 10 Ton Fist
2 100 Sweet Gauntlet Progress boxer item1.png
3 The Champ
Progress boxer border1 straight.png
Progress boxer border1 corner.png
Progress boxer border1 side.png
4 100
5 100 Chess Boxer
6 Gentleman's Pipe Progress boxer item2.png
7 Mustachioed
Progress boxer border2 straight.png
Progress boxer border2 corner.png
Progress boxer border2 side.png
8 200
9 Genius Bruiser
10 1000 Achtung Crate Progress boxer item prog10.png Achtung Crate Science-Crate.png
20 500
30 500
40 500
50 500 Contender Science's Dynamite Progress boxer item prog50.png Science's Dynamite Science-Bomb.png
60 500
70 500
80 500
90 500
100 500 The Champ Sweet Science Progress boxer item prog100.png
200 Block Skin Wiki.png