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Anthony 'Tony' Turretto
Role Brains
Summary Tony has good short range fighting power due to his Rivet Gun and is great at defending key positions with his turrets. His Caulk Gun fixes up (and buffs damage of) turrets and damaged blocks, and his Better, Faster, Stronger active ability speeds up building for a time for all teammates in range.

Rivet Gun

Improvised short range shotgun. Aim with Alternate Fire for more concentrated blasts.

Caulk Gun

The Caulk Gun is used to repair blocks. When fired at enemy heroes it slows them. Alternate fire repairs blocks faster but drains ammo faster. When a Lil' Buddy is being repaired it gets an increase to damage dealt.



Better, Faster, Stronger

Buffs build speed for Tony and nearby allies. Also increases the damage dealt by turrets in its range.

Hard Hat

Tony gets a shield when building, reducing damage taken by 50%.

Lil' Buddy

Block turret.png

Automatically shoots any enemies that get too close. Has a 360° firing arc. Lil' Buddy slowly takes damage when shooting at enemies. Can not shoot enemies directly above it, and will fall down if the block below it is removed.
Worker Tony
Worker Tony
Plat 128.pngPremium
Weekend Tony
Weekend Tony
Spaced Out Tony
Spaced Out Tony
Digital Camo Tony
Digital Camo Tony
Santa Tony
Santa Tony
Union Made, Professional Grade ★ SUPPORT ★ TURRET DEFENDER ★ BUILD & REPAIR ★ ★  Anthony 'Tony' Turretto
Just like Mamma’s cooking Anthony knows every good job is all about preparation. Tony’s your man when it comes to defending home base but he don’t mind playing out of position if his crew need him to crack heads & redefine the front line. Health: 100
Mobility Toughness Complexity
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Primary Weapon:
Rivet Gun
Rivet gun.png
Secondary Weapon:
Caulk Gun
Caulk gun.png
Active Ability:
Better, Faster, Stronger
Better, faster, stronger.png
Passive Ability:
Hard Hat
My little friend.png
Hero Block:
Lil' Buddy
Lil buddy.png
∀  Default
₱  Premium
∆  Event


Anthony 'Tony' Turretto Level Progression Rewards
Level Gold Barstitle=Gold Bars Title Badge Block Skin Border
1 100 Safety First
2 100 Hard Hat Progress engineer item1.png
3 Hazardous
Progress engineer border1 straight.png
Progress engineer border1 corner.png
Progress engineer border1 side.png
4 100
5 100 Foreman
6 My Hot Dog Progress engineer item2.png
7 Girders
Progress engineer border2 straight.png
Progress engineer border2 corner.png
Progress engineer border2 side.png
8 200
9 Ace of Base
10 1000 White Bricks Progress engineer item prog10.png White Bricks Block brick concrete.png
20 500
30 500
40 500
50 500 Man at Work Acme Ammo Crate Progress engineer item prog50.png Acme Ammo Crate Acme Ammo Crate.png
60 500
70 500
80 500
90 500
100 500 Da Boss Tony Turretto Progress engineer item prog100.png
200 Block Skin Wiki.png