Vander Graaf
Shocking Base Builder
Type Construction/Utility/Slayer
Mobility 5/10
Toughness 4/10
Complexity 7/10
Primary Weapon Static Gloves
Secondary Weapon Ball Lightning
Tool(s) Static Shovel
Active Skill Lightning Cage
Passive Skill Static Boots
Block Tesla Coil
Block N Load -Vander Graaf

Block N Load -Vander Graaf

Master of electricity and cool dance moves, Vander Graaf is literally a walking dynamo. Shag carpet, wool sweaters and fuzzy onesies are his friends, and pretty much, that’s it. If you’re not one of these, he’ll happily give you 100,000 volts to “help” you to be come electrostatic.

Hero Tip

  • With clever use of his Tesla Coils and Static Gloves, he can be shockingly effective in both attack and defense. *Electric boogaloo your way to ammo; the more he moves, the more ammo he recharges.
  • You can also chain on friendly heroes their Tesla Coils

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Gear Description
Static Shovel Vander shapes electricity into an effective shovel.
Dig (LMB) Digs up any blocks in front of you
Build (RMB) Places a device selected from your Block Deck
Static Gloves Unleash bolts of lightning that deal moderate damage to enemies or activate Tesla coils.
Fire (LMB) Lightning bolt
Channel (RMB) Hold Right Mouse Button to channel a continuous beam of lightning for close range combat.
Ball Lightning Fling crackling balls of electrical energy that explode on contact with enemies or blocks.
Fling (LMB) Fling ball
Shotgun (RMB) Right Mouse Button to trigger multiple smaller balls directly in front of you.

Skins Edit

Lady Of The Lamp Cosmic Casual Electricella

Signature Block, Passive & Active AbilitiesEdit

Signature Block

Tesla Coil

Block tesla

Tesla Coils channel and amplify the lightning bolts from Vander's Static Gloves. A single bolt can jump from one Tesla to another, automatically targeting any enemies in range.

Passive Ability Static Boots Sprinting rapidly recharges the ammo of all of Vander's weapons.
Active Ability Lightning Cage Creates a spherical cage of writhing electricity centered on Vander's position. While it lasts, the cage deals damage to enemies who enter or leave it. Vander is immune to his own cages.

Hero Progression Edit


Gameplay Unlock Visual Unlock
1 Active Ability Cooldown reduction Title: Shocking
2 Gold Bonus: 200G Badge: Tesla Coil
3 Border: Equalizer
4 Block Skin unlock
5 Gold Bonus: 200G Title: Overcharged
6 Badge: Thundercloud
7 Border: Tesla Towers
8 Gold Bonus: 200G Block Skin unlock
9 Title: Electrocutioner
10 Gold Bonus: 1,000G Skin unlock

Available Blocks Edit

Signature Block Edit

Tesla Coil
Block tesla

Recommended LoadoutEdit

Brick Fire Trap Sandbag Ammo Station Heal Station
Block concrete player
Block magmamine
Block dirt player
Block ammo
Block heal

Additional BlocksEdit

Crate Bomb Glue Force Gate Large Bomb
Block planks player
Block bomb
Block glue
Block forcegate
Block jackbomb

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