Icon Name Ability Hero
Eliza globe gun
Globe Gun

Launches globes of corrosive acid in a ballistic arc. Alt-fire for a close ranged lob.

'Doc" Eliza Doolally
Eliza chem grenade
Chem Grenade Grenade that emits a corosive cloud. Excellent for area control, alt-fire to drop. 'Doc" Eliza Doolally
Sarge M60 GPMG
M60 OMG Medium range rapid fire machine gun. Use alt-fire for greater accuracy. Most useful against Heroes. Sarge Stone
Sarge rocket launcher
Rocket Launcher Fires an explosive projectile, most effective against blocks. Sarge Stone
Juan katana1
Katana Swing to hit enemies for extreme damage and bleed. Alt-Fire to throw a smoke bomb that teleports you to where it lands and creates a vision restrictiong cloud of smoke. O.P. Juan Shinobi
Juan ninja star1
Ninja Star Throws a shuriken for damage and bleed. Alt-Fire to throw three at once. Does little damage to blocks. O.P. Juan Shinobi
Longshott nellie
Nellie Long range and high powered rifle that fires a fast moving projectile. Great for sniping. Can be used without scoping, but with decreased accuracy Nigel Purdey-Longshott
Longshott revolver
Revolver Nigel's trusty sidearm. Alt-Fire for better accuracy. Nigel Purdey-Longshott
Tony rivet gun
Rivet Gun Improvised close quarters shotgun. Anthony 'Tony' Turretto
Tony caulk gun
Caulk Gun Heals and buffs turrets, and repairs blocks. Alt-Fire to repair faster at the cost of more ammo. Anthony 'Tony' Turretto
Cogwheel rotary cannon
Rotary Cannon Rapid fire rotary cannon. Alt-Fire shoots wide spread multi-shots. Cogwheel
Cogwheel cannon
Cannon Fires an exploisive cannonball in a arc. Alt-Fire for a short range explosive. Cogwheel