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In Russia, you don't fall down the mountain, the mountain falls down on you. Hailing from the frozen wastes of Siberia. Yury combines ancient Yeti snow combat with mountain equipment found on a mutilated ski slope worker (hey, he just found him that way!) to conquer his foes. A cold day is a good day for Yury. He gains strength on or near Ice and Snow, and can make himself at home virtually anywhere, as long as it has some frozen ground nearby. If he finds himself in too warm a climate, however, he loses most of his ammo supply and health regeneration. Health: 150
Mobility Toughness Complexity
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ ★★★★★★★★☆☆ ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Primary Weapon:
Primary Fire: Accurate, fast attacks with moderate damage.

Alternate Fire: Much higher damage potential, but requires charging to throw for its full potential. Useful for slower, higher health targets.

Weaponicon abe W1.png
Secondary Weapon:
Snowthrower 6000 Sux
Primary Fire continuously slows and damages enemies with a blast of freezing snow.

Block snow.png
Alternate Fire generates a Snow block where the projectile lands. This projectile can hit enemies.

Weaponicon abe W2.png
Ice Axe
Weaponicon abe tool.png
Active Ability:
Block snow.png
A massive burst of Snow is quickly deposited around the area, and the snowfall temporarily blinds heroes caught in it.
Activeability icon abe.png
Passive Ability:
Chilling Out
Yury thrives in cold conditions. When close to Snow or Ice Blocks, he gains infinite ammo and slowly regenerates health. He can also move on Ice Blocks without slipping. Passive abe subzero.png
Hero Block:
Slippery Ice makes Yury feel at home (and his enemies feel unstable) and is stronger and more durable than Snow. Block ice.png
∀  Default
₱  Premium
∆  Event
∀ Mountaineer
∀ Mountaineer
₱ Boris
₱ Boris
₱ Sasquatch
₱ Sasquatch


Yury the Yeti Level Progression Rewards
Level Gold Barstitle=Gold Bars Title Badge Block Skin Border
1 100 Stoic
2 100 Balalaika Progress abe item1.png
3 Ice Ice Baby
Progress abe border1 straight.png
Progress abe border1 corner.png
Progress abe border1 side.png
4 100
5 100 Chilled
6 Snowman Progress abe item2.png
7 Snow Joke
Progress abe border2 straight.png
Progress abe border2 corner.png
Progress abe border2 side.png
8 200
9 Abominable
10 1000 Winter Camo Sandbag Progress abe item prog10.png Winter Camo Sandbag Block sandbag abe.png
20 500
30 500
40 500
50 500 Letting it Snow NYET-256 Landmine Progress abe item prog50.png NYET-256 Landmine Block landmine abe.png
60 500
70 500
80 500
90 500
100 500 Iceman Yury the Yeti Progress abe item prog100.png
200 Block Skin Wiki.png